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We greatly value feedback. It helps us know what is working and what is not working in how we support your goals. We truly appreciate the comments that we have recieved from patients throughout the years and we think it says a lot about the services we provide.

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What We’ve Heard from YOU

  • “Healing starts at the door.”
  • “I felt the difference the minute I walked thru the door.”
  • “I have never felt so cared for and so heard. My whole outlook has improved.”
  • “There are not enough words to express the help I get there.”
  • “I came here a sick person and I am now altogether a better person.”
  • “NIMC is what I have been waiting for, for years . . . it really helps. They are on the right track.”
  • “IMC and PREP has saved my life. I am getting back with my wife. I am doing the home program.”
  • “My care expands geometrically as a result of the integrative nature of the care at IMC.”
  • “I feel like a different person since I came here. Everything started happening in the hallways.”
  • “I came to IMC 6+ years ago expecting to find your standard medical office. Instead, I found a loving, compassionate caring group of people who work as a team to help you in developing an appropriate healthcare program designed to meet all your needs. At IMC, they treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. You can’t find a better healthcare practice anywhere else in Sonoma County.
  • “The whole clinic is astounding, the B12 happy hour is a great resource and helps me to stay alert and healthy. The girls up front are always in good spirits and eager to please. I have referred many friends to the IMC and they all have thanked me profusely for the recommendation. Based off of my numerous visits to different doctors at the IMC, I am very confident that you too will find the same value in their expertise as I have.”
  • “Great local medical office providing natural, holistic, homeopathic remedies. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. I do my best to come every week for their Vitamin Shot Happy Hour.”

What Dr. Barnett has heard

  • “Ellen has been my Doctor for a long time. She’s kind and concerned about her patients. She has had a positive impact on my life; I have chronic pain due to a back injury. This type of patient can be difficult and challenging!”
  • “I think this facility is the best! I wish to always be a patient here! Staff and Doctors are like an extended family to me.”
  • “When I started coming to the Integrated Medical Clinic a couple of years ago, I didn’t have much of a life. I spent most of my time at home and often in bed. I could not walk, stand or sit for any length of time. I was in chronic pain all the time. I had been in several accidents during my life and, I had 5 surgeries and was on crutches for almost 3 years. During that time I had 2 Doctors that were following my care. Then I heard about IMC, Dr. Barnett guided me in the direction that I needed. Since I have been to IMC, I have seen several practitioners who have together made my life so much better. I am very grateful for all the wonderful help that I have received.”
  • “I just wanted to say thank you. You changed my pain level from really high to just about zero. I was impressed; you made my life so much easier. I am able to use my hand and arm. Thank you for being so knowledgeable, so warm and so understanding.”
  • “Although I continue to be in pain and have issues, I know that I am in a 100% better place since coming to IMC. I’m not just given pills and sent away, but I have learned a lot about pain, and other ways to help live my life. I find it so incredible how much Dr. Barnett and others really do care about my health and progress, and that can be motivating. That means a lot to me. I’ve had Doctors give up on me in the past, but I don’t think that would happen here. Thank You.”
  • “Dr. Barnett has taken care of me over a period of years and I can always depend on her gentle touch and her wide knowledge. She never over treats or over medicates, yet I am always sure she has covered all the bases. Dr. Barnett will also go from the simplest way of treatment, with herbs or vitamins to medications.”

What Dr. Dozor has heard

  • “I am permanently disabled. I have constant pain and numerous complications. Dr. Dozor has improved my quality of life immensely. He is also very kind, caring and intuitive. Frankly, I have never had more confidence in any other Doctor.”
  • “Dr. Dozor and his staff are pleasant to talk to. Dr. Dozor is always honest and straightforward when speaking to you.”
  • “My medical needs are very complex as I was born with one of those bodies that just doesn’t conform to modern environmental ways, thus since I was a child I have always been sick with a lot of immune related issues and a pituitary gland that performs erratically. Along with a complexity of other issues, Dr. Dozor has been my primary care doctor for 6 yrs. and regardless of the situation has met every situation head on.”
  • “Dr. Dozor is an excellent diagnostician. The staff at NIMC are a magnificent team of dedicated professionals. Five Stars to the treatment of the staff at NIMC!”

What Dr. Wilbur has heard

  • “I always feel better when I leave, than when I walked in.”
  • “I have no comments or suggestions, I’m just happy I found you.”
  • “The staff and practitioners at NIMC are professional, friendly and accommodating and I feel they take a real interest in my well-being.”
  • “Dr. Ray Wilbur is a talented man, he can relieve my aliments in a matter of moments and he does it with precise accuracy every time.”

What Dr. Goldberg has heard

  • “I am a diabetic and Dr. Goldberg has worked with me to help me balance my body needs nutritionally. I found him a very generous gentle soul to work with, who truly wants to help his clients.”

What Dr. Pettit has heard

  • “From my intake at the front desk of the very soothing office through my exam by board-certified ENT specialist, C. Robert Pettit, M.D., my experience was top notch. Dr. Pettit exuded competence and experience, was thorough and congenial, and displayed a genuine concern and willingness to hear and address all my questions. it, frankly, was a model for an ideal, fulfilling doctor-patient interaction.”

NIMC in General

  • “NIMC is what I have been waiting for, for years… it really helps. They are on the right track”
  • “NIMC and the Pain Program has saved my life. I am getting back with my wife. I am doing the home program. My care expands geometrically as a result of the integrative nature of the care at NIMC”
  • “I feel like a different person since I came here.”
  • “In the past 6 to 8 yrs I have had the privilege to work with many of the doctors and practitioners of the clinic. I have found them all of excellent ability and beyond that each having their own warmth and personality.”
  • “No problem is to small for the staff at NIMC. They always handle everything in a most professional and dignified manner. Always discreet.”
  • “I honestly can’t think of any suggestions. Everyone is always to helpful and professional. It’s very calming when I walk in with the bubbling fountain and smiling faces and soft music.”
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