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Patient Care Conference™ (PCC™)


During a Patient Care Conference™

NIMC providers listen as your primary provider or patient navigator relates your Patient Voice. The NIMC providers discuss your healthcare challenges and suggest options.

Your primary provider relays those options to you and together you formulate a plan to meet your healthcare goals. You get the advantage of a fresh perspective from a variety of health practitioners who work in a variety of health modalities.

Anyone can request a confidential PCC™. People with complicated and/or long-standing healthcare challenges can really benefit from PCC™. All providers are invited to participate in your PCC™.

Get Started

  • Tell your primary provider or patient navigator that you are interested in a PCC™. They will act as your PCC contact person.
  • Complete a comprehensive Patient Wellness Survey (PWS)
  • Your PWS is sent to all IMC practitioners. Often they will want to obtain and review your past health records. We need about 3 weeks for this step.
  • All practitioners who reviewed your PWS are invited to the PCC™.
  • Your PCC contact will present an overview and your healthcare challenges and concerns.
  • Each practitioner will outline their approach to your case. At this time any IMC practitioners you have seen, will add their insights.
  • Recommendations will be given to you PCC™ contact who will craft a written, staged treatment plan based on the information from the PCC™.
  • Your plan will be reviewed with you either in person or by phone. The plan will be adjusted to what you feel most comfortable with and at a pacing that works for you.
  • You will begin your individualized plan.
  • NOTE: In some cases your insurance can be billed for the review process following the PCC™

TESTIMONIAL ~ “I have never felt so cared for and so heard. My whole outlook has improved.”

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