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You can have access to our curated selection of pharmaceutical-grade herbs, vitamins, minerals, tinctures, and nutritional products from brands we trust and verify.

You can be confident that the products we approve for our online store are the best on the market. Additionally, your provider can place your prescription and protocols directly into your account profile so reordering, or changes are simple and seamless. Your supplements are delivered quickly and securely right to your door.

Ask your provider to send you an account invitation today. Already have an account set up? Just click the ​PLACE ORDER​ button to proceed.


The doctors at NIMCSR may recommend supplements, labs or herbal products or online supplements as part of your treatment plan and will receive a small commission.  You can freely choose to purchase products where you wish.  NIMCSR appreciates your choice to support doctors and clinics with quality products that are comparably priced.  We appreciate the value and support you bring to the clinic over big volume stores and websites.


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