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The first step toward choosing health is being ready and interested in making changes. We all need support for that process, and it helps to have a guide.

Research shows that there are specific elements to making small changes that can lead to big results.
Your work in the Lifestyle Management Program will help you reach your goals and give you the skills to make other changes throughout your life. Are you ready?

What people in Lifestyle Management Program have worked on

  • Move better and better flexibility
  • Quitting smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Pain management
  • Eating better

How it Works

You complete a workbook and review it with your Lifestyle Management Program guide at IMC. This is a face-to-face review and often can be billed to insurance. When you are ready to begin, you work for four months with your Lifestyle Management Program guide making specific changes in your life. You check in by phone or email and review your work in four key areas – your STAR:

  • S – Stages of Change – identify the stage of change you are working on
  • T – Tiny steps you will take to ensure success often breaking down larger goals
  • A – Always get support – check in with your Lifestyle Management Program guide and others on your team
  • R – Reinforcement – give your self positive reinforcement, ask others for it too

Sometimes check-ins are several times a week, other times less often. You control the pace. Your guide keeps you on track. You can continue support in 4 month increments. You learn the process and can continue on your own.

Stages of Change

From research on change, it is clear there are specific stages that everyone goes through as something new becomes a habit. At IMC we use 5 stages:

  • Thinking – you are thinking about a new behavior or habit.
  • Planning – you plan specifics – when, where, how would you do the steps to work on your goal.
  • Doing – you do it for a while and notice what works and what needs adjustment
  • Pausing – sometimes you are getting used to the change, sometimes it is a plateau. It is like a half-way landing. Be gentle with yourself. Stay at one level without making progress. Reflect, maybe do a little more planning. This is not always “going off the wagon.”
  • Continuing – you are ready to continue Doing.


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