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moses-sm My goals as a Naturopathic Doctor when treating patients with integrative oncology protocols, are to give patient support to overcome the negative effects of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation regimes, without interfering with the effect of the chemotherapy and radiation itself.

As I develop researched protocols for receiving natural therapies throughout their conventional treatment the goals of Naturopathic Integrative Oncology are:

  • Use Naturopathic therapies to boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments, through studied peer-reviewed researched reports.
  • Decrease side effects of conventional treatment, without interfering with the effectiveness of the therapy.
  • Address organ damage induced by conventional treatments (i.e., liver, kidney, nerve, gastro-intestinal, brain fog etc.)
  • Address nutritional deficiencies known to be induced by the conventional treatment.
  • Maintain muscle mass and maintain hydration.
  • Address any concurrent health conditions and medications being taken.

The integrative oncology approach empowers patients more in their daily lives as they move through one of their greatest health challenges, with more effective and risk reducing protocols available

Integrative Oncology Consultation with Dr. Moses Goldberg, ND