Hypnosis – The Power to Change Your Life

Learn self hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, anxiety & depression, pain relief and overall well-being.

Hypnosis is a method of healing that dates back to ancient times, when deepened states of relaxation were used to produce beneficial results. Because of its effectiveness for balancing mind and body, it has been used down through the centuries. It has been applied in many settings and used for a variety of medical treatments.

To better understand hypnosis and its present day applications, let me offer you a definition. Hypnosis is a state in which there is intense concentration, focused awareness, and heightened relaxation. It is a situation in which you concentrate on something and all distractions diminish for the period of time that you choose to focus your attention. When your attention is focused in this way, other physiological and psychological phenomena occur. When hypnotized, you generally experience profound relaxation and the enhancement of imagery. You are able to use more of your innate ability to attend to, organize, and appreciate your experiences. Pain tolerance is improved when hypnotized. Under hypnosis, you spontaneously become less anxious, less frightened, and less depressed. The scientific study of hypnosis has shown that it:

1) enhances the immune system

2) reduces edema 3) regulates the blood flow 4) quickens healing 5) lowers blood pressure 6) lessens pain 7) diminishes fear and anxiety 8) produces endorphins

Hypnosis is not an unusual experience. You have been in a hypnotic state, perhaps without knowing it. It occurs naturally when you concentrate and eliminate distractions. You have experienced hypnosis when you have been immersed in a novel, and when you have been emotionally involved in a movie. People go into a hypnotic state when they are frightened, badly injured, or shocked by bad news. It also happens simply when relating personal events in a sequential fashion.

What is most important to therapists, is the fact that the hypnotic experience allows you to use your body and mind for your own healing and good. And your therapist can facilitate and support this natural process.

How hypnosis works as a primary clinical method, is through contacting the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind which controls your emotions, self-esteem, beliefs, immune system, and your body. Out of the subconscious, patterns are formed in feeling or belief. These conditioned patterns contribute to the disease or condition you are suffering. They underlie the behaviors you are engaged in that are self-destructive and sabotage your health. Hypnosis through the assistance of your therapist, is a process of discovering these patterns and their root cause. They accelerate this process by guiding you through gentle relaxing states, sort of like day dreaming. Through hypnotic inductions you can learn how to heal yourself. An induction might sound like: “let’s begin by placing attention on your breath, a gentle in-breath and out-breath, so you may drift along in the pleasant comfort of this rhythm, feeling more and more relaxed with each breath, feeling deeper relaxation with each breath you take in, and deeper relaxation with each breath you let out, you let yourself relax completely throughout every fiber of your being…relaxing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As you let go and relax so completely, so

comfortably, you learn to……” With self inductions, you will learn to empower yourself, discover the meaning of an illness or behavior, learn what lesson it has for you, and consciously and lovingly release it. It often requires going back to a time when the cause of the pain and suffering began. So, it is a natural strategy for exploration as well as learning a new way. The onset of symptoms and unwanted behaviors are simply indicators that something underneath wants to be healed and restored to wholeness. So, ultimately your needs can be met in a healthy way. It restores the mind/body connection, so healing can take place.

If you have an interest in Hypnosis, or to book an appointment, please feel free to contact me or staff at: Integrative Medical Clinic at 284-9200 or my private office at 579-5342. Thank you.

Beverly Benoit, MFT Clinical Hypnotherapist

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