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How NIMC Began – A History of Integration


In July 1998 Bob Dozor, MD and Pam Koppel, LCSW met. They realized they had a common goal: to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine. With their combined motivation, experience, and resources they established the beginnings of what would become the Integrative Medical Clinic.

Starting with educational programs for health professionals, and Navigation training programs the dream developed into the two organizations Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa and the Integrative Medical Clinic Foundation providing the educational and community services of IMC.

Ms. Koppel had worked as a hospice social worker and in 1996 started Healing Alternatives an information and referral service to help people connect with alternative practitioners.

Dr. Dozor, from 1984 to 2001, was a family physician in Calistoga. On a 1996 “soul searching” trip to India he was inspired to change the nature of his family practice. He trained in herbal medicine and nutrition and began networking with complementary and alternative practitioners in the Calistoga area.

To make their common goal a reality Dr. Dozor worked with nationally recognized consultants in integrative medicine and developed a business plan. Ms. Koppel used her experience with alternative and complementary medicine practitioners to develop the interdisciplinary integrative team of practitioners. The key criteria in developing the team included excellent training, experience and patient care and a commitment to work as a team with the patient and their health goals at the center.

Before opening IMC the original team met for an average of 7 hours a month in team meetings and planning sessions to develop the integrated medicine model for IMC.

Sharing demonstrations and individual sessions of each others work, participating in extensive team development, working in sub-groups to develop treatment programs and plans.

The vision that Ms. Koppel and Dr. Dozor shared back in 1998 has become a reality.

IMC offers a beautiful healing environment. People come to experience a different kind of health care – more time with practitioners, a choice of the best of western conventional medicine and alternative and complementary health care, a team of professionals working together for YOUR goals.

We look forward to working with YOU.

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