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Heart Disease / Hypertension


Lifestyle, hardening of the arteries, inflammation, family history, smoking and other factors are all the same things that cause heart disease, stroke & high blood pressure and are directly related to Diabetes and many other diseases.

Heart disease includes: heart attack- (caused by blockages in the arteries in the heart), angina, “hardening of the arteries”, congestive heart failure. Some heart murmurs suggest heart disease though many do not and are not dangerous. Some irregular heart rhythms can be associated with heart disease.

Strokes or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs – that last less than 24 hours) are usually caused by blockages in the arteries in the brain.

Healthy lifestyle choices help decrease the risk of problems Heart Disease, Stroke and High Blood Pressure. In some cases the medications and herbs that help one will help the other.

Patients with these conditions need to have a regular primary doctor. We are happy to be your regular doctor or work with your regular doctor to integrate complementary and alternative options in your care plan.

Issues to Address

  • Your individual risk factors for heart disease and stroke.
  • Symptoms you should pay attention to.
  • Interactions between medicines, herbs, diet.
  • Getting back to exercise after a stroke or heart attack.

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • Can I go off my medications when my blood pressure is better?
  • How important is my cholesterol?
  • How important is genetics? Can I find out my risks?
  • What can I do to recover from a heart attack or stroke?

Treatment Ideas

  • The Basics: healthy eating, exercise and stress management are very important.
  • Building those healthy habits into your daily life is a major emphasis at IMC.
  • Working to control your blood pressure is very important.
  • Gentle movement progressing to appropriate exercise is important – even years after a stroke or heart attack.
  • Some supplements and vitamins may be recommended.

TESTIMONIAL ~ “I feel like a different person since I came here.” B.S. 58 yrs old

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