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Your Parents Aging

Watching a parent go through the process of aging can be very difficult and it can be inspiring. Most often we work with families with lots of questions and consideration of many options. Generally we have issues and questions about our parents, and this inevitably raises questions and issues about our own healthy aging.

Issues to Consider

  • Safety – living alone, driving, cooking, taking medicines
  • Medicines – which are really safe and effective… and how safe… and how effective?
  • Respite time for caregivers – extremely important
  • Resources in our community – care facilities, in-home help, legal issues, money management

Commons Questions IMC Can Address

  • Is my parent depressed? And how would we know?
  • Alzheimer’s vs ‘normal’ forgetfulness of aging?

Above & Beyond Care may be an important option for you. ABC Membership offers, among many other services, phone access to the Family Doctors at IMC for questions, consultations, even phone visits for your parents, all without coming into the office.

Your Aging

As we watch many around us deal with the issues of aging, it brings to mind our own later years. How can we be healthy and active for as long as possible? IMC addresses this issue with a holistic approach, and uses the IMC Balance of Health.

The Pros & Cons of Genetic Testing to Identify Genetic Risks

  • Screening procedures; when should they start
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • Should I get one of those total body scans to see how my arteries are doing?
  • What supplements will work for me?
  • Are vitamins important as I get older?
  • My joints hurt, should I be exercising?

TESTIMONIAL ~ "No problem is to small for the staff at IMCSR. They always handle everything in a most professional and dignified manner. Always discreet." -H.S. 62 yrs old.

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