Lyme Disease & Mold Toxicity

Lyme Disease

Tick borne related infections have become common across the United States. Although most people who are treated with a short round of antibiotics improve, there is a subset of people who continue to have chronic symptoms that are sometimes severe and debilitating. These symptoms are not specific and affect many different systems in the body, making the diagnosis challenging and confusing. Once someone is diagnosed, the journey does not end there because there are various treatment options.

Some clinicians choose to treat with repeated doses of antibiotics, others with herbs, and others with novel therapies that modulate the immune system such as ozone and detoxification strategies. The key is to find what each person needs individually. There is usually an underlying reason that the immune system has not been able to clear the infection, leading to chronic inflammation and pain. It is important to investigate underlying causes of immune dysfunction, such as the microbiome, hormonal imbalances, toxins, and pay attention to sleep patterns, diet, and nutrition.

With the combination of a proper diet, nutritional supplementation, herbal support and appropriate use of antibiotics, chronic symptoms can eventually reduce in intensity and normal life can be restored.

Mold Toxicity

Water damage to indoor environments is a frequent problem in the damp environment of Northern California. A leaky sink, floods, or a window that hasn’t sealed properly can go undetected for several months or years before it is noticed. During that time water damage can cause mold growth in walls and under foundations that can cause mystery symptoms that go beyond the typical runny nose and cough typical of mold allergies.

When molds are allowed to grow unchecked in an unnatural environment they can create toxins which damage our immune system and nervous system, causing havoc to our bodies and brains. Once these toxins and the source of exposure is removed, the immune system can recover and thinking can return to normal, energy can return, and our bodies begin to feel stronger again.

This involves a combination of detoxification and eradication of mold from our environment. Gentle and effective treatments using binders, nutrients, anti-fungal herbs, and IV treatments in the appropriate sequence all gradually work together to restore proper function.


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