Chronic Complex Illness Treatment

chronic complex illness treatment santa rosa

The naturopathic medical model lends itself well to treating chronic complex illness. The first thing we do at Naturopathic Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa is spend time with our patients taking a careful history and listening to their story.

When human vitality is lost, it is usually the result of multiple health issues having built up over time. Patients with complex chronic illness often have infections, layered with toxic exposure, food intolerance, genetic susceptibility, and multiple organ system dysfunction.

We take the time to peel back the layers and supply the right testing, so we can find the root cause of the chronic complex illness.

Some of the tests we use:
  • Micronutrient / Nutritional Panels

  • Mold / Mycotoxin

  • Chronic Infections

  • Heavy Metals
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Functional GI Testing (diagnose cause of gas & bloating)
  • Hormone Testing


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“Great local medical office providing natural, holistic, homeopathic remedies. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. I do my best to come every week for their Vitamin Shot Happy Hour.”
“The whole clinic is astounding, the B12 happy hour is a great resource and helps me to stay alert and healthy. The girls up front are always in good spirits and eager to please. I have referred many friends to the NIMC and they all have thanked me profusely for the recommendation. Based off of my numerous visits to different doctors at the NIMC, I am very confident that you too will find the same value in their expertise as I have.”
“NIMC is what I have been waiting for, for years . . . it really helps. They are on the right track.”

When we identify the cause of our patient’s chronic complex illness, we can treat it with many tools, from supplements and herbs to IV injection therapy, craniosacral therapy, medical massage, joint injections, diet and lifestyle modifications and detoxification protocols. Our treatments help patients regain health and vitality, reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue, get better sleep, feel fit and healthy in their bodies, and enjoy their lives again.

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