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Beverly Vistara Benoit, MFA, MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Moses Goldberg ND Naturopathic Doctor

I provide guidance towards building trust and balance, by forming a growing alliance with you. Together, we find a pathway to renew your mind/body/spirit connection. We access your inner resources, to create a unified sense of self. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, fear, isolation, anger, trauma, we pay attention to these signals. We meet vulnerability with a gentle rhythm, so the heart can release these emotions. Our intent is to nurture a relationship to yourself, based on self-acceptance, honor and respect. Our focus is to create a feeling of safety within yourself, security in the world, and an opening to wholeness.

I am intuitive with clients in discovering what needs to be treated, so healing can happen. I use humor and creative ways such as meditation, movement, and body centered therapy. I use ongoing encouragement to find their inherent gifts to be tapped along with the support of their natural environment. I increase awareness that can bring them back to health.

I have witnessed and facilitated growth and change for forty years. I bring sensitivity and experience, to many life events. I can be an anchor in the midst of great suffering and pain, with deep compassion: Hospice Social Worker, Adolescent Group Therapist, School Psychologist, Manager of Pain Clinic, Meditation Teacher, Trauma and Behavioral Specialist.

Beverly looks forward to meeting you!

Beverly is an independent practitioner and sole proprietor of her own practice working at NIMCSR.

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