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Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Panic


Depression can be a serious problem and needs careful evaluation and treatment. The symptoms of depression can be feeling down or sad, and can also include sleep problems, changes in appetite, loss of interest in activities, changes in sexual interest.

Counseling can be very helpful. Many different types of counseling are available: insight counseling, cognitive behavioral work, hypnosis, Rosen Method body work and other somatic (the body holds the emotions in the form of symptoms and sometimes pain) approaches. Acupuncture can be very helpful. 

Medications can be as effective as counseling.  For depression and anxiety the general medical doctors at IMC – Ellen Barnett, MD;  Bob Dozor, MD – can prescribe appropriate medications. 

Acute Grief Reactions, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, PTSD

Many situations cause an acute reaction in our emotions. Sometimes this is a one-time situation that may last from days to weeks; sometimes a pattern develops where symptoms can be debilitating over and over. We all know the physical feeling of going by the scene of a previous accident. That is a good example of recognizing the actual physical reaction of re-exposure to stress. 

There are many different approaches that can help those symptoms. Specific skill building in stress management, retraining our brains to react in different ways, understanding where the reactions stem from, herbal approaches, Rosen Method body work, medications all offer different ways to address these issues. 

Often a combination of counseling, medications and other approaches can be the most effective approach. It is important to seek support. Going it alone can be hard, frustrating, lonely and in some cases dangerous.

At IMC we use a holistic approach and pay attention not only to your specific symptoms and what options are available to help, but to your whole health.  Nutrition, exercise, pain management, addressing other medical problems can all effect our emotional reactions and our response to treatment. 

Stress management is a key factor in these and many medical problems. Individual counseling and group stress management programs can be extremely important.

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