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Six months of profound fatigue, leading to inability to do regular activities is the definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Fibromyalgia diagnosis is made when specific muscle points are painful and patients are incapacitated with the pain in their muscles. Often, but not always these conditions come together.

Issues to Consider

  • Be sure of the diagnosis, other things can look like CFS or Fibromyalgia
  • Specific testing can sometimes identify bowel dysfunction or toxicities that may be related to the symptoms
  • Are you perimenopausal?
  • Activity is important in both conditions – not too little and not too much.
  • Sleep – restorative sleep is important. Are you rested when you wake up?

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • What is the role of food choices in these diagnoses?
  • How can supplements help?
  • What is the interaction among the many hormones that may be involved?

Treatment Ideas

  • Keep a food log – often diet has a great deal to do with your energy level and symptoms.
  • Write down: what you eat, what time you eat, how much you eat. And discuss it with your practitioners.
  • Find your appropriate level of activity and try to get that amount each day.
  • Ask your sleep partner if you snore, gasp for breath, move your legs a lot at night.

TESTIMONIAL ~ "You changed my pain level from really high to just about zero. I was impressed; you made my life so much easier. I am able to use my hand and arm."

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