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Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs patient self care and careful monitoring. At IMC we primarily work with type two, adult onset Diabetes.

Most often patients use a careful integration of healthy lifestyle choices with good diet and exercise, prescription medicines and supplements & vitamins to enhance their health.

Issues to address

  • Blood pressure is the most important thing to control.
  • Blood sugar control needs to be monitored.
  • Education about Diabetes is key for all patients and families.

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • Will I need to use insulin shots?
  • How can I lose weight and stay with an exercise program?
  • My family won’t eat the diet that I need to eat, what do I do?

Treatment Ideas

Note: these are not intended as specific prescriptions for individuals, but ideas to discuss with your medical professional. Each person’s situation is unique and needs careful evaluationIMC

  • The Basics: healthy eating, exercise and stress management is most important.
  • Building those healthy habits into your daily life is a major emphasis at IMC.
  • Blood Pressure control is most important in Diabetes.
  • Salt restriction MAY be helpful.
  • Modest weight loss – 5 pounds – can make a big difference.
  • Weight management is important.
  • Glucophage or “Metformin” – a prescription medication – is a very important consideration, even for pre-diabetic patients.
  • Non-prescription supplements using healthy fiber to block sugar absorption may help.
  • Stress management, self hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy can help you stay with your healthy choices.

TESTIMONIAL ~ "IMC is what I have been waiting for, for years… it really helps.  They are on the right track” 

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“IMC is what I have been waiting for, for years . . . it really helps. They are on the right track.” -IMC patient

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