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Chronic Pain / Back & Neck Pain


Chronic pain effects over 20% of the population. Finding strategies to minimize your pain and ways to live with the pain are the cornerstones of treatment.

Pain medications can be very helpful in the short and sometimes long term. Long acting medications are always preferred in chronic pain.

The IMC Balance of Health is always used and is critically important.

Issues to Consider

  • Diagnosis – what is the actual reason for the pain, and how do many factors interact?
  • Attempts should be made to control the pain without causing undue side effects.
  • Many modalities can work together for pain management.

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • Am I on the right medications?
  • How can I use the least amount of medication possible?
  • Am I addicted to the medications I am using?
  • What are the long term effects of the medications?
  • How can diet, movement, & stress management effect my pain?

Treatment Ideas

  • Pain should be controlled.
  • ABC Membership is an important option with chronic pain. Often the convenience of having a phone visit can be helpful when pain flares.
  • Movement, safe and gentle, is key to pain control. Working with classes or individual treatment can be very helpful.

TESTIMONIAL ~ “I just wanted to say thank you. You changed my pain level from really high to just about zero. I was impressed; you made my life so much easier. I am able to use my hand and arm. Thank you for being so knowledgeable, so warm and so understanding.”

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