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Children’s Health – Full or Partial Immunization

Childrens Health

Children are not just small adults. They have  unique issues regarding development, nutritional needs, stresses and changes with our modern life. Role modeling healthy choices is the greatest lesson we can offer. Encouraging and supporting their healthy choices and making them fun is important.


  • New moms often need extra support, especially with their first baby.
  • The effects of healthy (and unhealthy) eating, and toxins are magnified in children.
  • Treats of sugar, carbs and junk food are not ‘treats’, but teach our children bad habits.
  • Excess ‘empty calories’ and low activity are the contributors to the epidemic of obesity and Diabetes.
  • Current estimates are that 30% of todays children will develop Diabetes. We can prevent that with our choices and role modeling.
  • Being aware and stopping childhood abuse of all kinds, from sexual, to verbal, to bullying, to toxic exposure is a major responsibility of the adults in a child’s life
  • Safety is very important. Wear bike helmets, use car seats and be in cars with safe drivers. Medicines should be in child proof bottles and kept high out of reach.

Newborn Care – Consider ABC Care

  • Drs. Barnett, Dozor & Goldberg care for newborns
  • Dr. Barnett likes to make a home visit in the first two weeks of life
  • Any newborn, in the first two weeks of life, with a fever over 99 degrees should be seen and evaluated

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • What immunizations are important, and are they safe?
  • How often should my child be seen?
  • What about this new HPV Vaccine for my daughter?
  • My toddler only eats peas and cheese, what can I do?
  • Will you take care of our family if we choose not to immunize? YES
  • I do not want to give my child ALL the shots, can you recommend some to start with? YES
  • My child is having some symptoms, could this be a food allergy?

TESTIMONIAL ~ "Dr. Barnett has taken care of me over a period of years and I can always depend on her gentle touch and her wide knowledge."

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