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Bowel & Gut Problems


The gastrointestinal tract – the gut – holds the greatest part of our immune system in our body.  It is not surprising then, that what we eat so profoundly effects how we feel and how our bodies react.

Specific symptoms like abdominal pain or bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea, demand our attention and are helpful in encouraging us to pay attention to our health.

Functional Medicine offers an important option for many conditions, especially bowel health. After appropriate testing, the four R’s of Remove, Repair, Replace, Re-innoculate can work to restore bowel health. 

Many specific diagnoses related to the GI tract require specific testing and treatment.

Some conditions are less easily identified. They require a work-up and then review of treatment options to address symptoms and dysfunction.


  • What is the diagnosis and what are the pros and cons of further testing?
  • Alternative testing strategies, are they right for you?
  • Could supplements be beneficial?

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • How often should I go to the bathroom, what is normal?
  • Are laxatives ok? -they seem to work for me?
  • What’s the deal with fiber? What kind? How much?
  • My symptoms do not seem to be in the gut, what benefit is testing?
  • Could I have a yeast overgrowth and how would I know?

Treatment Ideas

  • Try to get 30 grams of fiber a day. Read labels to know how much fiber is in each serving of labeled foods.
  • Eat veggies, fruits, and whole grains EVERY DAY – they have the good natural fibers.
  • Try removing cow’s milk dairy products from your diet for 2-4 weeks, see how you feel…. the same with processed white flour in pasta, bread, and pastries, etc.

TESTIMONIAL ~ "In the past 6 to 8 yrs I have had the privilege to work with many of the doctors and practitioners of the clinic.  I have found them all of excellent ability and beyond that each having their own warmth and personality."

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