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Who Can Benefit From a B–12 Shot?

– Everyone!

  • People who experience: fatigue, cold and flu, thyroid/adrenal imbalance, anxiety, depression, menopause, acne, allergies, psoriasis, nerve pain, obesity, heart disease, Gastro-Intestinal disorders; many more acute and chronic disorders.
  • Vegans and vegetarians (almost all sources of B-12 come from animal products), elderly, athletes, and people with lots of stress.
  • Anyone looking for an immune system boost.
  • Those with any gastrointestinal issue: (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food allergies, Celiac, GERD/heartburn/indigestion, ulcers, gastritis).
  • Those with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies, cardiovascular disease.
  • Those with neuropathies – tingling sensation in fingers, toes or face.
  • Those taking many types of medications and drugs including: Alcohol (esp. alcoholics), Antibiotics, Birth control pills, H2 Blockers: Cimetidine (Tagamet), famotidine (Pepcid), Ranitidine (Zantac), Metformin, Nicotine, Nitrous Oxide, some anti-convulsive, some anti-virals, and more.

In addition to B-12, your shot can include other important factors. Possible Add-Ons include: B-6, B-Complex, & Magnesium.

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B–12 Happy Hour Location

Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa -

175 Concourse Blvd. Santa Rosa every Thursday, 4pm to 6pm.
About B–12
Vitamin B-12 is one of eight water-soluble B vitamins that are cofactors in almost all biochemical pathways, however sources of it are limited. B-12 is needed for all brain and nervous system activity, energy production, formation of blood, cell metabolism, DNA synthesis, fatty acid synthesis, and homocysteine metabolism. Higher levels of Vitamin B-12 protect against brain changes that happen with aging and less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. B-12 deficiency on its own leads to memory loss, cognitive decline, depression, constipation, diarrhea, nerve damage, numbness, sore tongue, insomnia, fatigue, abdominal discomfort, easy bruising, anemia, and memory problems. B-12 deficiency has also been linked to migraine headaches and menstrual irregularities.Getting B-12 into the bloodstream is a complicated possess with many steps. The absorption of vitamin B-12 from your food and oral supplementation requires a well functioning stomach, pancreas, intrinsic factor, enzymes, and the small intestine. Any inflammation of the digestive system will effect many of these factors. Gastro-intestinal disease, food allergies, age, stress, and taking drugs and or medications can cause a decrease in activity of any of these, and therefore will lead to B-12 deficiency. Do you have a really well functioning GI system? The majority of B-12 sources come from beef, poultry, cheese, milk, fish, eggs, and fortified processed foods. This means vegetarians and vegans face a major challenge to not become deficient. Many of the foods that should be eaten to increase B-12 are also foods, all besides fish, that should be decreased in a healthy diet. The few non-animal food sources of B-12 are from algae and fermented foods such as chorella, seaweed, kombucha, tempeh, and Brewer’s yeast. Are you getting enough in your diet? We use Methylcobalamin B-12, which is the highest absorbable and active ready to use form.Intramuscular injects don’t usually sound like anyone’s idea of a good time, so I decided to have some fun with it and make it a Happy Hour!The B-12 injection goes into the muscle which bypasses the entire GI system and is slowly absorbed by the blood over time, circulating to the body. There are many studies on the benefits of B-12 supplementation in medical journals and clinically we have found this to be a positive therapy for some patients. People find that they notice a non-jittery energy boost, increased clarity, and better mood for days to over a week. After doing a series, they may find longer lasting results and an increase in overall health and vitality.
B-12 Testimonials
  • “B-12 shots have been more effective in improving and stabilizing my mood than years of a variety of anti-depressant medications."
  • “I am 65 and my energy has been getting better. But even more than that, my memory seems much better."
  • "Excellent, friendly staff! Love it! Highly recommended!"
  • "I have never had so much energy! I’ve been getting shots for 4 weeks now and I just feel so much better! And the magnesium has been helping me so much with my sore muscles!"
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
  • "Helps my energy and concentration and I do feel great."
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The Immune Boost Shot

A potent combination of Vitamin D and Engystol, a homeopathic immune stimulating medication. Vitamin D will increase your immune system’s white blood cell production, antibody production, and immune proteins that together help destroy viruses, bacteria, and infected cells. Engystol consists of a proprietary blend of swallowort, an herb that has been associated with the stimulation of host defense mechanisms, and sulphur, a mineral used for inflammatory conditions, skin, liver, respiratory, and gastrointestinal complaints. This special preparation has been shown to reduce or eliminate flu, feverish symptoms, and speed relief from common cold symptoms. $30 (reg. $35)

Medical Citations

Human Research (in vivo): Antiviral Activity and Immune System Modulation (in vitro):
Meet the Doctors
Dr. Moses Goldberg, ND uses a comprehensive system that addresses the whole person, and uses natural therapies that support the healing process and allow the body to heal itself. As a primary care provider he takes a holistic view, getting to know you as a person, not just a patient. His goal is to understand all aspects of your health and how best to manage it. To learn more about Dr. Goldberg, please visit
Dr. Dana Michaels, ND helps her patients live happier and healthier lives using naturopathy. By working with nature, her goal is to help you nourishes your body and mind, support your body’s natural processes, increase immune system, restore deficiencies, decrease inflammation and repair any damaged tissues so your body can work like it is suppose to. With Dr. Dana Michaels ND, It is not about surviving, it’s about living! To learn more about Dr. Michaels, please visit
Laura P. Moore, ND, MSAOM, L.Ac. Dr. Laura Moore combines both Eastern and Western natural medicine in caring for her patients. Dr. Moore is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, and Asian Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. She provides both general and specialty natural medicine for acute and chronic health conditions. Dr. Moore blends a scientific background in Biochemistry and Naturopathic Medicine with the ancient wisdom of Asian Medicine. Dr. Moore received her doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine, and Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and holds a BS in Biochemistry.
This website contains general medical information and is for educational purposes only. The information presented on this web site is not intended to be professional advice and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Dr. Goldberg & Dr. Michaels encourage you to always seek the advice of a licensed medical professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, symptoms or treatment. If you believe you have a medical problem or condition, please see a licensed doctor immediately. You should never delay or disregard medical advice or care because of something you read on or any other web site. Moses Goldberg, ND, & Dana Michaels, ND, assume no liability of any kind for the information and data contained in this site or for any diagnosis or treatment made in reliance thereon. – 2014 Moses Goldberg, ND & Dana Michaels, ND

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