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Asthma, Breathing Problems & Allergies

Asthma, Breathing Problems & Allergies

Many triggers of asthma & breathing problems are also triggers of allergies.

The physiology of the reactions we have to allergens can actually affect many parts of our bodies, from the nose, sinuses, headaches, bowel and gut problems, muscles, skin disorders and many times our sleep and our emotions and moods.

The immune system really starts in our gastrointestinal (GI) tract so there is a major interaction between what we eat and our exercise and stress reactions with our ‘allergy’ and asthma symptoms.

Asthma however, can be a significant, even life threatening, condition. Take the acute symptoms of asthma – wheezing & coughing – seriously. Sometimes those same symptoms can be signs of heart problems … so get them checked out. 

Issues to Consider Regarding Asthma

  • Have a plan to change your asthma medications depending on your symptoms
  • Know your asthma triggers: seasons, foods, animals, stress, exercise
  • Track your symptoms and review them with your providers

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • I want to keep my cats, can I do that? Depends on your goals and symptoms
  • Can herbs and diet change my symptoms? YES!
  • What can I do to avoid taking all those asthma inhalers?

Treatment Ideas

  • Supplements can be helpful. Consider Omega-3 fatty acids and other ‘good oils’
  • Stress management is important so you have skills to use when stress causes your symptoms to flare

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